Best ways to Earn Money Online from Home without Investment

Best ways to Earn Money Online from Home without Investment

Everyone Wants to earn money but everyone can’t earn sufficient money because of that they can’t achieve their dreams, If you are student, Jobless or doing any jobs and wants to do side business or If you have any skill knowledge and wants to do something related of your passion, I have written this blog only for who wants to earn money online. I have given below best top 10 ways to earn money online from home without investment as beginner


YouTube is an online video sharing platform, We all are using YouTube daily basis for watching videos, And we know many popular youtubers they earning lots of money using YouTube, If you have any Art, skill, Knowledge then you also can create a YouTube channel and its free, Then you need to make best videos that peoples will like and upload it on your channel, If your content is great people will like to watch your videos, then you need to monitize your channel with google AdSense and google AdSense will pay you money for that but you should be eligible for google AdSense with minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs. watch time. So create your channel now and Earn money by YouTube, And get popular also or you can make your career as Youtuber.




If we want any information or anything else we will search on google then we will get articles related of our searches and that articles means blog posts, If you are expert with something or if you have any knowledge, Information or skills then you can write articles on it, You can start blogging with two ways, As beginner you should start with Blogger or if you want to go with professional then you can start blogging with WordPress, Once you written 20-30 articles you can apply for Google AdSense and get approval, AdSense will show ads on your blog and will pay you some part of ad income. So start blogging and earn money online by blogging.


Web Development

In this modern age everything is going online and online is the best way for now days to sell product or services, If you want to go online you need to make website of your business and that’s called web development, If anyone wants to take service or buy products related of yours google will show your website then they can get your product or service from your website. Its very important to go digitally so Web development is most demanding now days, So you can start your web development company, If your education is not related of that then you can learn web development courses on YouTube. Its too easy to learn WordPress development, You can do it. Then you can make any website and generate good income.




Now days everything is going online, Previous marketing ways are not working now days, You should go digitally for reach out with people, Digital marketing is the best way to reach your customers online. So you can start Digital marketing agency and help peoples to grow their businesses online, In this way you can earn money online with digital marketing agency.


Social Media

In this modern age everyone is engaged with Social Media, In India have popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. For everyone social media platforms is best option to reach out people, So every company use social media for sell their product or services, So you can start Social Media Management Agency, With this you need to manage social media accounts of your clients and for that you will get money from them, You can generate High income by social media.



In this modern age everything is online and if you want to survive you should be digital, Now due to Covid 19 outbreak in India everything is closed School, Classes or other learning centers and now everyone prefer to online learning because its safe and easy also, In past you was teaching or you provided any physically courses or if you have knowledge related of anything the you should start Online learning centers, You can use zoom app for live learning, You can stream on YouTube or can make learning videos and upload it to YouTube or you can sell your courses on Unacademy and Udemy platforms, You can earn money by online courses.





Freelancer means that who don’t have office or he don’t work for any company, He will do work for anyone and he charges money for that work, You also can do that as Full time or Part time, You can create your profile on,, platforms and sell your courses on it, You will get work related of your field and you can earn lots of money with freedom as a Freelancer.



In this digital world everyone like to read online or on mobile, If you have any knowledge or information then you can write eBook for it and share your information, Knowledge or thought with others through eBook, If your eBook is great then people will purchase your eBook online, You can sell your eBooks on, eBooks is a best option to earn money online by ebooks without investment.



Some people wants to start business but they can’t start that due to they don’t have great business idea and master plan, If you have startup/Business mindset then you can start Business consultant service with that you can consult you clients related of their business and you can earn high income from business consultation.



Now days video games are very popular in India, Everyone likes to play games and some are addicted to games, But now days can be earn money with playing video games, In India have popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Fall guys and now new game is coming FAU-G and many gamers are playing games and earning millions. They are streaming on YouTube, If you have great gameplay then you can stream on YouTube or if you do not have good gameplay then you can present your gameplay in funny way, So earn money by playing games.

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