How to Start A Startup

How to Start a Startup | Best Tips to Start a Startup in India


How to Start a Startup
How to Start a Startup

Startup is not only a business, Its a unique thing, There is very rare chances to get success in startup, There are many people wants to start new startup but dont know How to start a startup ? So i have given best tips to get started with a best startup idea, There is very difficult process to start startup and get success, As per Oxford Economics there are 90 percent startups fails, But you should take risk and get started with best plan, So use below tips to get started.

Unique Startup Idea

If you wants to start a startup you should have unique business idea, That can be helpful for peoples, You should solve people problems with your startup, So that’s why you should have your own unique startup idea so that you can start startup.

Think About Future Possibilities

Once you find your own unique startup idea, You should think about future possibilities like future requirements, future problems then you should think about solution of every problems, Also main thing is that you should think about your financial condition and should be never give up attitude, Then go with next step.


Research on Your Startup Idea

Its very important thing that you should research on your startup idea, Research about competitors, Research about market possibilities, Research how it can be work, Research on inventors, Research on people problems, Also you should research on every important things then go with next.

Make Startup Plan

Once you research about your startup you should make startup plan, Without any plan you cant get success in startup, Every business should have best plan, So make you business plan, Include every posible thing in your business plan, Should be included start to end process on startup plan.


Complete Legal Or Documentation Process

Then its very important to complete legal and documentation process, There are many document you should get like Shop Act, Pan card, Also you should register GST number and most important to register PVT LTD, Partnership, LLP, Proprietorship as you have, Then you should register your startup on startup India, Which is govt scheme for startups.


Make Tentative Budget and Arrange it

Money is very important to take any risk in startups, Without money you cant imagine your startup, Every business needs investment, So you should make tentative budget that how much money you required and for which things, Then you need to make total tentative budget, And then arrange it.


Start your Startup With High Energy 

Finally main thing is here start your startup with best business plan,  in this modern age you should use digital platforms to launch your startup like Website, Apps and launch it, And you should start it with high energy, Get started with plan as you made, Work hard on your  startup.


Make Short Goals and Achieve It

Every entrepreneur should have big dreams and every startup should have big goals, But once you started your startup, You should make small short term goals like 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 Year or it selling vise, Because if you have not short term goals you feel like quitting if you are not getting things what you feel good, So its very better to make short term goals and achieve it.


Work Hard on Startup

Once started you should work hard on your startup, there should be not limit in work time, There should be work on night time also, Daily 15-18 hrs work needed for first 5 years, And NEVER GIVE UP ever, And live rest of life like everyone’s dream.


You Will Be Succeed

Once you work hardon your Startup and NEVER GIVE UP, You will be succeed. You will have Done it.


May you will be the upcoming Entrepreneur, Best of Luck for your Bright Future !

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